Engl Gigmaster 15 Head E315

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2 channels: Clean and Lead;
two Gain control knobs: Input Gain and Lead Drive;
the ECC83 (12AX7) tube produces a very warm and soft tone with plenty of punch in the preamp section and delivers a great distortion sound with rich sustain
EQ: Bass, Middle, Treble for precise sound tuning
Mid Boost sound option: switchable via front panel button or via footswitch;
Channel switching via front panel button or via footswitch;
Lead Volume control:
Master Volume control   
Stand By switch

Rear Panel: 

1/4” Stereo jack for connecting a Z-4 footpedal: Channel switching and Mid Boost
F.X. Loop: Send - Return
Line Out: frequency compensated and balanced, featuring a speaker simulation
Poweramp Output 8 ohms and 1 x 16 ohms for several speaker options        
15 Watts output power, 2 x EL84 power tubes delivers that specific very typical tonal character
build in Power Soak featuring four setting options: full power, 5 watts, 1 watts, zero power (e.g. for recording purpose);
Combo Amp: 10” Celestion speaker, type G10N-40;
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